By Linda Jones (

These gorgeous shell heart beads look very effective against the black cord. Any Mermaid would look beautiful wearing this Valentine inspired project!

Materials:  Approx. 30 shell hearts (pink & purple), 0.5mm black cotton cord, 0.8mm silver-plated wire, lobster clasp, masking tape, Superglue.

Tools: Round and chain nosed pliers, wire cutters.
(materials can be found here)

1. Cut 1 x 40” and 1 x 20” length of 0.5mm black cord.  Fold the 40” length in half and placing all the ends of the cords together, tie a knot to secure, leaving a 1” loop projecting at one end.

2. Plait the cords together (just like hair!) and secure the ends with a slither cut of masking tape.  Use your scissors to snip off any projecting loose cord ends.

3. Using your round nosed pliers, create an even sized coil out of 0.8mm wire of approx. 1cm length (just like making jump rings) and ensure that the cord masking taped end can slide snugly into the inside of the coil.  Cut the wire from the spool, leaving a tail end of about 1.5cm.

4. Using your round nosed pliers, create a link at the top of the coil with the projecting wire.  Slide the masking taped end of the plaited cord into the open end of the coil and using the tips of your chain nosed pliers, squeeze the last ring of the coil around the cord to ‘crimp’ and secure.  (You can also use a little dab of Superglue for extra security).

5. Attach a ready-made lobster clasp, or like me, create your own fish hook clasp out of 0.8mm wire to connect the end.  Cut off any excess cord that is projecting from the corded loop on the opposite side.

6. To make the necklace centrepiece, begin by cutting 8” of 0.5mm black cord.  Push the tips of your round nosed pliers into the centre of the plaited cord to create an opening and thread with the 8” cord.  Tie a knot at the centre of the cord pushing it up towards the plait.

7. Continue cutting and threading more cords into the plaited area, working out on each side of the centre.  You can tie 5 – 6 more 7” lengths onto each side. (Tip:  if the knots of the doubled cords are a little bulbous and messy, use a hammer to flatten them down).

8. Take your pink and purple heart shell beads and begin threading with 0.8 mm silver-plated wire (alternatively, you can use 0.6mm wire if preferred).  Cut 2” lengths for each bead, creating a link at one end and a spiral at the other.  Flatten the spiral over the top surface of the heart.  You will need to thread approx. 15 x pink and 15 x purple.

9. Thread the top link of the heart beads onto the projecting cords and tie to knot in place.  You can always shorten the cord lengths if you wish, by cutting the ends with a scissors.

10. Continue threading and knotting the beads onto the cord ends until you are satisfied with the overall look.

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