By Linda Jones (

Materials: 0.5mm black cotton cord, 0.8mm silver-plated wire, 6 x heart shell beads, 2 jump rings, 2 fish hook earring wires.

Tools:  Round and chain nosed pliers, wire cutters.
(materials can be found here)

  1. Connect the jump rings onto the earring wires.
  2. Cut a 7” length of 0.5mm black cord for each earring and thread through the jump rings.  Tie the centre of the cords together and pull the knot up towards the jump ring.
  3. Follow step 8 of the Necklace project – threading all 6 of the shell heart beads with 0.8mm wire to create a flattened spiral headpin at one end and a link at the other.
  4. Connect and suspend one of the shell beads directly into the suspension link of the earring wires. Repeat for the second earring.
  5. Attach the further 2 shell heart beads onto the cords by threading and knotting at varying lengths.  Use your scissors to shorten one of the cords to the length you desire.

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